1. fewthistle:

    Place de la Concorde, Paris. 1928.

    Photographer: André Kertész

  3. 7and7islove:

    Photo by :Julian Wasser - Whisky a Go-Go, 1964

  4. onlyoldphotography:

    Bert Hardy: A woman bids farewell at Paddington Station as a train pulls away. London, 1942

  5. fewthistle:

    Rue des Ursins. Paris. 1931.

    Photographer: Andre Kertesz

  6. peterfromtexas:

    Robert Capa, Warsaw, Poland, October 1948.

    (Source: flashofgod, via matyokaland)

  8. "Vor Verdun 1916"

  9. belzeboub:

    Photo: Lester Talkington

    (Source: supruntu)

  10. dancing Albert Camus

    (Source: rutcity, via zabkorpa)

  11. peterfromtexas:

    Adolf Hitler’s 4th grade class, 1899. The fuhrer-to-be can be seen top row, dead center

    (Source: historicaltimes)

  12. undr:

    Walter Sanders

    Window Cleaners Cleaning High Rise on Madison Avenue. 1957

  13. wehadfacesthen:

    School dance, Orinda, California, 1950, photo by Wayne F. Miller

  14. fewthistle:

    Paris. 1950.

    Photographer: Sabine Weiss

  15. grofjardanhazy:

    The commandant of the Civil Defense Technical Training Centre in Quebec demonstrates the effect of an atomic bomb exploding over a city

    April 28, 1952

    (via krulos)