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    Siófok, 1967. Fotó: Kéri Dániel

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  2. Montgomery, Alabama during the time of the bus boycotts. The Klan had passed out circulars advertising, “We believe in white supremacy, we need you — you need us.”

  3. Old photograph of an unidentified smallpox sufferer that comes from a copy of the 1910 medical textbook, “The Diagnosis of Smallpox” by Thomas Frank Ricketts.

    Smallpox was a highly contagious disease that caused lesions to form on the body and often resulted in severe scarring, blindness, and, in most cases, death. The World Health Organization declared smallpox to be officially eradicated in 1979.


  4. Rumanian dwarf (teacher and county clerk) on his farm in Felsővisó”

    In 1916 when the Romanians declared war on the Central Powers and invaded Transylvania, elements of the seasoned German Alpenkorps were deployed to support the flighty Austro-Hungarians. The Germans who fought on this front from August 1916 to the end of 1917 were named Karpathenkorps.

    Among these fellows was the officer Erich Hoffmann who was quartered in the village of Felsővisó. Hoffmann was a skilled and passionate photographer who took his camera with him wherever he went. In his time in Romania he managed to fill three photo albums with pictures of the local inhabitants, including many of the dwarf depicted above who taught at the local school.

    Orthodox Jews and the local inhabitants in their colourful traditional costumes were another favourite subject. Unfortunately, little more is known about Hoffmann or his fate.

  5. Little cowboy on horse

    From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales

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    Anne and Margot Frank

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    Virginia SCHAU :: Paul Overby, one of two drivers trapped in the cab of a truck, is pulled to safety by a rope on the Pit River Bridge, over Shasta Lake, CA, 3 May 1953 [Pulitzer Prize]

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    Teenager with radio. Charlotte, NC (1970s) © Steve Perille

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    In the archive. France 1937

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    Place de la Concorde, Paris. 1928.

    Photographer: André Kertész

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    Photo by :Julian Wasser - Whisky a Go-Go, 1964

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    Bert Hardy: A woman bids farewell at Paddington Station as a train pulls away. London, 1942

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    Rue des Ursins. Paris. 1931.

    Photographer: Andre Kertesz